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10 Best Roofing Website Designs

Published by Sam Crawford on April 23, 2023

10 Best Roofing Website Designs

Having a great roofing website design for your roofing business can help you build credibility, generate more notoriety, show off your work, and win new roofing contracts. With a strong roofing and contractor digital marketing strategy, your website could be first impression potential customers get of your business. By building a website that speaks to consumers looking to replace or repair their roof, gutters, etc., you will improve your chances of generating more leads and growing your roofing business.

Without a professional, mobile-responsive, and user-friendly roofing contractor website, you could be deterring consumers from reaching out to inquire about their upcoming roofing project.

A great roofing website design has an intuitive user-interface, simple & intentional navigation, apparent Call-To-Action buttons (CTAs), and renders optimally across all device types, sizes, and web browsers.

With that, we present some of the most modern, conversion-focused website designs to help propel your roofing marketing strategies towards growth.

1) Expert Roofing Website Design

The website design concept for the fictional Donovan Brothers Roofing & Gutters business is a clean, modern website featuring epic photography-based artwork. The layout includes narrow gutter for the page margins to give it a more sectioned feel. The roundness of the cards and buttons provide a modern look against the white and light-gray backgrounds. You will immediately notice the vibrant call-to-actions, thanks to the high-contrast orange accent color against the neutral backgrounds. On this homepage, we feature a hero section, followed by their primary roofing services, an about section, and a section showing off some of their best roofing projects.

2) Industrial Roofer Website Design

The AeroRoof Industrial roofing website design is a dark-themed website with electric green accents to pull the user’s attention—and lead them towards the conversion elements. The goal of this website was to create a modern, engaging, and edgy aesthetic to reinforce the idea that AeroRoof provides high-performance, technical roofing services for large corporations. We led with a lead form in the hero section to further improve their chances of collecting leads upon landing, with additional CTAs as the user scrolls through the page content. This roofing website design emphasized the benefits of AeroRoof, their services, materials, etc.

3) Top Roofer Website Design

The website design for Wrigley Roofers is a modern design with a highly engaging, grunge-style header font to get the user’s attention. We used a bright, yet smooth, blue color palette to accent the most important text and CTA elements on the homepage. This website design is strong, simple and presents engaging visuals organically mixed into the webpage content for an inviting transition as the user scrolls.

4) Industrial Roofing Business Website Design

Our website design concept for the made-up PRIMEA Industrial Roofing business is a vibrant site from top-to-bottom. We used a deep blue color for the hero background to provide a strong introduction, with sleek, abstract background gradients for a modern, high-tech aesthetic. The blue is accented by orange call-to-action buttons that demand attention from the user, making the conversion path intuitive and apparent. Below the hero, we included some of the main Unique Value Propositions (UVPs) that help the user understand what makes PRIMEA a stand-out in the industrial & commercial roofing space.

Below the marketing benefits, we created a full-width image section that asks the user an important question about their business’ roof quality. We follow up this section with the roofing services and a call-to-action block. A roofing website of this quality is sure to help your business convert more leads from the visitors flowing in from your roofing marketing campaigns.

5) High-Grade Roofing Website Design

The roofing website design for High-Grade Roofing is a very modern design that makes use of large, bold fonts and strategic whitespace. At the top, we have a very simple navigation that emphasis the phone number and Contact Us CTA button. The simple page header and sub-header present the business name and a brief summary of their roofing services, as well as their geographic location for the sake of Local SEO.

Just below the hero section, we’ve placed four 5-star reviews for social proof, followed by a slider component of Recent industrial and residential roofing projects. A quick, short services section is then followed by a lead form, so High-Grade Roofing can convert visitors into roofing customers directly on their website homepage.

6) Roofers Above Exterior Construction Website Design

The Roofers Above exterior construction website design features their three main service verticals—roofing, siding, and gutters—immediately upon landing on the homepage. The main navigation features an easy-to-find call-to-action (CTA) button for users to get in touch, and has an oversized phone number in case users prefer to call for a quote.

Just below the hero section, we feature their business and roofing awards to build a bit of user trust. This quick section is then followed by an informational section about the roofing business and the philosophy that drives their business. We then present a grid of customer testimonials to reinforce social proof, getting reviews from real roofing customers.

7) TrustRoof Roofing Professionals Website Design

TrustRoof’s website is a design with epic imagery that tells a story of the top-notch, trustworthy residential roofing services that TrustRoof provides to their customers. This website would be a strong compliment to any roofer or contractor marketing strategy, with its vibrant, green call-to-actions and block-based website content structure.

There is a clear CTA for the user to schedule free roofing inspection directly in the hero, followed by a section presenting the top selling points of TrustRoof. The third website content section is a quick “About Us” block that includes another call-to-action and strong roofing imagery. Finally, we have a call-to-action block for users that made it to the bottom of the roofing website homepage.

8) ProShield Best Roofers Website

ProShield Roofing & Restoration is a vibrant site, using a high-impact yellow for accents, background, and call-to-action buttons. Their main navigation is simple and intuitive, with whitespace separating the menu links and call-to-action links for the phone number and “Free Quote” button. The hero section features a simple question-and-answer message that expounds on ProShield’s unique ability to deliver on that quality roof or repair job.

Below the hero section, we have the market the main roofing services they offer, followed by a quick “About Us” section that highlights some of the main points of knowledge, background, and experience that makes ProShield one of the best roofing businesses around. Finally, we have one more call-to-action block in the bright yellow accent color that is sure to attract the user’s attention.

9) RooferCity Detroit Roofing Marketing Website

RooferCity’s website design was created with a modern, slightly brutalist design aesthetic, with supporting photography that features happy and hard-working roofers. The design uses a subtle beige background to fill the whitespace and a vibrant teal accent color to draw the user’s attention to the phone number, call-to-action buttons, branded elements and areas of interest.

The hero section has a short header that is written with Local SEO in mind, with sub-header that reinforces their trustworthiness. The following section breaks down how easy the process is to get started with a new roofing project when working with RooferCity. Coming behind the process section is the Latest Projects block that has images of the most recent roofing projects that RooferCity is proud of. Lastly, they have a bright call-to-action block to capture the lead.

10) GladRoof Roofing & Siding Repair Website Design

GladRoof is a cuter brand with a consumer-friendly website design to compliment their friendly marketing position. The hero features strong imagery of a roofing project completed by GladRoof and a header that tells the user what services GladRoof provides—roofing and siding. The vibrant yellow accent color steals the user’s attention against the soft white and heavy black sections.

The “Why Choose Us?” section provides the user with three simple reasons as to why GladRoof should indeed be the first choice for their roofing project. The section that comes next is to reinforce trust by providing some information about the company and their roofing expertise. Lastly, as is customary, we have a vibrant call-to-action block to turn that user into a lead!

We will be adding professional roofing website design examples to this article weekly, so be sure to check back soon!

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